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How to Launch a Product on Amazon as New Seller in 2023

launch a product on amazon  & get reviews as a new seller

Almost everything these days seems to violate Amazon’s Terms of Service. You should ask yourself. Why would Amazon want us to launch products? These days, sellers want outside traffic. They want to get more eyeballs on Amazon. If you have any Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok followers. 


It is possible to use social media as a new brand/seller. Use your Instagram following here. Use hashtags relevant to your niche. Start conducting surveys. Do you want this product for free? Yes or No? They’ll say yes, yes, yes. You can reach out to them. Give them what you promise. Use green coupons if you don’t want to deal with complaints.


When you tell them it’s only $15, there’s a $10 coupon right now. If you purchase it, you’ll get another product for free. If they send you the order ID, ask them to review it on Amazon one week later.

Amazon Listing Optimization Tips:

  • You can print all of the images of your competitors and list them on a Google sheet, Google Doc, or PowerPoint to show your graphic designer or photographer.So he can better understands the layout

  • With Helium 10, you can compare the images in the listing analyzer. Just hit media comparison.

  • If you are creating a listing, you should look at your competitors’ listings for what their images and bullet points are saying. You need to differentiate yourself from your competitors with the main image. You need it to be similar to the main course on a dining table.

Product Research Tip:

These days, you need to adopt different tactics to succeed on Amazon. Look at saturated niches and find keywords within those niches. Create products based on those niches. For example, the Cutting Board for toasters has specific keywords, so you’re good to go. In cases of saturation or increased demand, you have several supply options, and sub niches always emerge. A product launched with more variations will sell better. It’s by far the best way to increase sales. If your product is bath bombs, you’re likely to see subniches like bath bombs for kids and women emerge.

Keywords Research Tip:


You need to look at variation in the title when conducting keyword research. Where do you put the color, size, and quantity of the product you are selling in the title? A word document or Google document with all of the competitor titles and then you just color them in. A keyword should be colored, but it’s also important to look at where it’s placed in the title. A first aid kit needs to start at the beginning, so they need to know how many pieces it consists of, 350 pieces, 200 pieces. In my opinion, a lot of sales professionals start with Cerebro, then build titles from scratch based on the top keywords. They should take their top 10-20 competitors’ titles, come up with something that seems better, and then check it in Helium 10 Cerebro to see if they missed any important keywords.

PPC Tips:

PPC is your second biggest expense after inventory. Let’s say you’re selling a Christmas-themed product. For those different times of the year, make sure you have unique headline ads and video ads. Then you can make stock videos like a two-second video of someone giving a gift to someone else, then you can put that in the video ad for that specific keyword.


To summarize, create unique headline ads and unique video ads. Because they can convert customers and target very specific keywords.